Tuesday, June 1, 2010

love wins. Love always wins... Does it?

Today during my English final I wrote down this quote from "Tuesday's with Morrie." 'Love wins. Love always wins.' This quote really spoketo me, and got me thinking. If love Always wins, then what wins when there isn't love.Since not everyone hastound a form of love. What will win then? Maybe themself? Or their hearts. Your heart always wins, but would it only win if your hart recieved what it desired? What is love anyway? I think it doesn't exist.... Or it just will never come to me. Love and hate, those words are spoken way to easily into anconversarion, and has less meaning than what it should. Love may not exist. Love may not be for everyone; but a form of love will always find its way to you... Because there is somebody for you out there, just takes patience and hard work to find I and keep it. Such is love... Love the wonderful thing that is mysterious to everyone on this planet...

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