Monday, August 2, 2010

Compared to something else...

You can't tell if something is good until you compare it to something else, right? Well that's how I feel. Am I a good Artist? Am I really a good singer? I'm not sure until there is something to compare me to. I mean you ask a question like are Strawberries good? The way you would response to is, Well strawberries are good they have the sweetness as a kiwi, yet the bitterness or an apple. I prefer strawberries to bananas. You compare something to another to see what the difference is, and how better it is to the other thing. So all the nice things I am told, I don't always believe to be true. Not until there is something to compare it to.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tell me... what do you really feel.

Why must you be so confusing as you are now. What good does it do you to hide your feelings? Sure I won't know, but what is the purpose of that? You separate my friend and I so you aren't alone. You get me alone. Then what? I don't understand. I don't understand you, but you can make it a way so I will. I want to understand, I want to get you. I mean if we feel the same, why hide it? I've always been alone, if your afraid I won't feel the same. I'm sorry but you are wrong. I have felt this way for as long as I have met you.... Please just tell me how you feel.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

love wins. Love always wins... Does it?

Today during my English final I wrote down this quote from "Tuesday's with Morrie." 'Love wins. Love always wins.' This quote really spoketo me, and got me thinking. If love Always wins, then what wins when there isn't love.Since not everyone hastound a form of love. What will win then? Maybe themself? Or their hearts. Your heart always wins, but would it only win if your hart recieved what it desired? What is love anyway? I think it doesn't exist.... Or it just will never come to me. Love and hate, those words are spoken way to easily into anconversarion, and has less meaning than what it should. Love may not exist. Love may not be for everyone; but a form of love will always find its way to you... Because there is somebody for you out there, just takes patience and hard work to find I and keep it. Such is love... Love the wonderful thing that is mysterious to everyone on this planet...

Sunday, May 16, 2010


"He.. why must i like thee" haha how lame does that sound? I made a list.. a list of reasons why I like him, and why I wouldn't. There were more yes's then no's... I don't understand why.. sure he had an amazing smile, and was sweet and generous... and we have a lot in common.. but he doesn't like me like I wish he would..
He makes me shake. hehe he makes me do a lot of stupid things, like dance. I never dance, well slow dance anyway. Never. Yet he makes me.. he seems sweet, and kinda, and seems like he won't let you down(or doesn't try to). but he does.. a lot. He is like perfect(or pretty close anyway)... he makes you not want to be mad or hate him... He has so many friends and everyone loves him.. maybe even me. Though he hurts me... in ways he couldn't possibly understand. I'm just confusing like that.. just like that. I don't make sense, but do I really have to? Can't I just be me, with no questions asked? Can't I just like you in secret? Because I do.....