Sunday, May 16, 2010


"He.. why must i like thee" haha how lame does that sound? I made a list.. a list of reasons why I like him, and why I wouldn't. There were more yes's then no's... I don't understand why.. sure he had an amazing smile, and was sweet and generous... and we have a lot in common.. but he doesn't like me like I wish he would..
He makes me shake. hehe he makes me do a lot of stupid things, like dance. I never dance, well slow dance anyway. Never. Yet he makes me.. he seems sweet, and kinda, and seems like he won't let you down(or doesn't try to). but he does.. a lot. He is like perfect(or pretty close anyway)... he makes you not want to be mad or hate him... He has so many friends and everyone loves him.. maybe even me. Though he hurts me... in ways he couldn't possibly understand. I'm just confusing like that.. just like that. I don't make sense, but do I really have to? Can't I just be me, with no questions asked? Can't I just like you in secret? Because I do.....

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